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Actor. Singer. Writer. Director.
Theatre Maker. 

pc. Lily Rose Photography

Image by Juhani Pelli

My Story.

I began my work in the arts at an early age. The youngest of my generation, my grandfather, Don, took it upon himself to introduce his grandson to the wonders of the creative world. His intergenerational masterclass was a comprehensive exploration of music, theatre, dance, film, and text, and shaped me into the artist I am today; these humble beginnings inspired a creative spirit. An exploration into musicianship, visual arts, and language arts followed, leading me to my true love: theatre. From this point, I have devoted my effort to refining my craft, collaborating with diverse sets of peers, and producing poignant work. Now, as an experienced actor, writer, director, and collaborator, I am equipped to contribute to any creative space and to lead creative works to fruition. My work is guided by a single phrase: let's play.

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pc. Lily Rose Photography

Image by Juhani Pelli

Works in Motion

Above are some of my favorite snapshots from various projects over the years. Whether musical or spoken, dramatic or comedic, each of these works have informed the artist into which I have evolved.

Let's Get In Touch!

Connect with my team at Resolute Artists Agency:

                       212.739.7856 NYC    404.479.7910 ATL

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pc. Lily Rose Photography

Image by Juhani Pelli
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